Japanese association for the Study on Issues of Persons with Disabilities


Mr. Satoshi Arakawa, Chairperson

(Headquarters Address)
Nishi Waseda sekiguchi Building 4F, 2-15-10 Nishiwaseda, Shinjyuku-ku,Tokyo,169-0051 Japan
TEL 81-3-5285-2601 FAX 81-3-5285-2603
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(Number of Branches / Members)
5,000members, 47branch offices

In order to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities and to insure their development, we conduct studies which includes social welfare theories and practices and develop our democratic research movement.

In 1966, the formation of this organization was discussed, and in August 1967, our first conference was held in Tokyo. The main objective of conference was to promote the life of disabled people by considering their level and types of disability and work opportunities and to protect their rights.

Conducted national conferences which discuss people's needs in every life stages. Additionally,organized seminars for different issues and needs such as those for infants, education of adolescents, and reforms ofinstitutions for disabled individuals. Also organized study sessions in the community and at work places. Publications and management of a computer network, called " Minnna-No-Negai ".

Hosted the annual national symposium, the training sessions for security of development, and the conference for adolescent education. At the confrence for security of development, we presented
the position papers regarding with analysis and creation of education and its practice and reformation of system for institutions for disabled individuals. Additionally, we held "Minna no negai seminar"
and developmental secuxity seminar" and we facilitated the educational needs of individuals in each community. Moreover, by celebrating its 30 years anniversary, we visited Vietnam, and learned their societal problems which resulted from wars.

To understand the current situation of disabled individuals in terms of their human rights. By cooperating with advocacy organizations, we analyze and create policies for disabled individuals. In addition, we continue to provide many opportunities for studies and conferences which lead to the discussion of theories and practices.

"MinnanoNegai" (monthly), "ZenshoukenNews" (monthly), "JapaneseJournal of Studieson Disability " (quarterly, inJapanese), we provide information through internet.
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